Youth Services

CDR’s Youth Programs are centered around helping young folks with disabilities to successfully transition into a more mature and independent lifestyle.

We offer the following activities and services:

  1. Advocacy with youth with disabilities to ensure an appropriate education and transition plan in high school;
  2. Wheel-A-Thon Scholarship Program which enables youth to make the transition to post secondary education by providing financial support to remove barriers to that transition (we have awarded 29 scholarships to date);
  3. Youth Sports and Recreation to reduce social isolation of youth with disabilities. We do this by sponsoring youth who want to access and participate in the Gaylord Sports Association’s adaptive sports and recreation activities, and by organizing our own sports and recreation offerings;
  4. Self-Advocacy workshops so that young folks with disabilities can learn effective strategies and tools for advocating for themselves and others; and,
  5. Summer Internship Opportunities so that seniors in High School or college students can explore career opportunities; learn how to transcend disability in the work place, and learn self-advocacy skills.

CDR has a special youth program in the Shoreline/Estuary area that is based at our office in Clinton, CT

Participants in the Shoreline/Estuary Youth Transition Program may enroll through their High School, or come directly to our Clinton office. This is structured program with a curriculum. Participants attend at least once per month for 8 months. After successful completion of the Program, participants will receive a guaranteed $1000 scholarship made possible by our annual Wheel-A-Thon. Applications are available here.