Deaf Services

Download CDR’s Deaf Services brochure here.

This is a service for people who are Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing who need special communication accommodations to ensure effective communication so they can access and benefit from CDR’s five CORE services.

CDR provides ASL interpreters, CART reporting and assistive listening devices to those who request them. CDR also has three Sorensen video phones and a CapTel phone. CDR’s five core services include:

  1. Information & referral; independent living skills;
  2. Peer advocacy;
  3. Advocacy – both individual & systemic;
  4. Transition services – both nursing home transition back into the community; and
  5. Youth transition services.

For more information contact CDR Deaf Services Advocate Sue Catale via email [email protected], or (video phone) 203-680-3967