A CT Medicaid program may see its strict income limits increase. A state commissioner opposes it. | Courant.com

This session, the human services committee passed two different proposals to increase both the income and asset limits for HUSKY C.

The first, included as part of House Bill 5001, proposes raising the income limit from $1,182 to a fixed rate of $1,465 per month and the asset limits to $3,600 for a single person and $5,400 for a couple.

Several advocates believe this change would provide inadequate relief because it raises the income limit to a fixed amount, the value of which would erode with inflation.

“This would perpetuate the discrimination against people with disabilities and older adults in our Medicaid program and make that discrimination even worse each year,” said Catherine John, lead organizer with Black and Brown United in Action in emailed comments.

The second proposal, House Bill 6630, seeks to bring the HUSKY C income limit up to the same level as the HUSKY D income limit, which is set at 138% of the Federal Poverty Level, currently $1,677 a month. The bill would also bring the asset limits up to $10,000 for an individual and $15,000 for a couple.

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